The Danish Superliga reject the vision for UEFA club competitions

On a meeting Tuesday the 14 clubs in the Danish Superliga discussed the plans for the UEFA Club Competitions presented by UEFA and supported by the European Club Association (ECA). The clubs unanimously agreed that the vision will jeopardize the national league competitions and the foundation of European football.


Qualification for UEFA Club Competitions (UCC) should be based only by performance in the domestic competitions. That is a key point of competitive football and the Danish League oppose to the Vision 2024 proposal which will restrict access to UCC from domestic competitions and instead favor the top clubs and make performance in domestic competitions indifferent. The Danish League also oppose to the increase of matchdays and use of weekends for UCC.


A reformation of the distribution system from 2021 is required to create a fairer revenue distribution between competitions and clubs to protect competitive balance in the domestic competitions.


“Qualification for European Club Competitions through domestic competitions is the essence of our footballing system and European football culture. The proposal from UEFA and ECA is a disaster not only for the Danish league but for all European Leagues and status of the game in Europe. We request that UEFA start over and this time involve the European Leagues and other stakeholders in order to create a vision that will benefit all leagues and clubs and not only the few,” says Claus Thomsen, CEO of Danish League and Vice President of European Leagues.