Competition Regulations

Baltic Sea Cup 2019  

– Competition model

  1. The competition in General
    1.1. The name of the competition is Baltic Sea Cup
    1.2. The objective for the competition is to match “Under 21 Players” at the highest possible level against international opponents
    1.3. To optimize the best possible sporting level in the competition the match dates must not conflict with the dates set in the international match calendar for national teams

1.4. The Competition holder, responsible for scheduling and organizing the competition, should be the Competition Department (FA or League) from one of the participating countries for a whole season (could be handled to another country the next season).
1.5. The Competition holder can establish a “Competition Committee” and a “Disciplinary Committee” which can be 1st instance body and 2nd instance body in case of any complaints or in the case of force majeure.

  1. Competition Regulations

2.1. The playing time in all matches in the competition is 2 x 45 minutes.
2.2. In general, all other types of Regulations follow the international standards set by FIFAs “The Board”.

3. Competition Model

The Group                                                               

FC Nordsjælland
Hertha Berlin
Brøndby IF
Pogon Stettin
Union Berlin

Match Day 1
AAB – Halmstad 
Union Berlin – FC Nordsjælland
Brøndby IF – Hertha Berlin

Match Day 2
Halmstad – Union Berlin
Pogon Stettin – Brøndby
Hertha Berlin – AAB

Match Day 3
FC Norsjælland – Hertha Berlin
Halmstad – Pogon Stettin
Union Berlin – Brøndby IF
Match Day 4
Brøndby IF – Halmstad
Pogon Stettin – FC Nordsjælland

AaB – Union Berlin
Match Day 5
FC Nordsjælland – AAB
Hertha Berlin – Pogon Stettin

  1. Playing dates

4.1. Match day 1 should be played no later than 01.09.2019.

4.2. Match day 2 should be played no later than 25.09.2019.

4.3. Match day 3 should be played no later than 20.10.2019.

4.4. Match day 4 should be played no later than 15.11.2019.

4.5. Match day 5 should be played no later than 10.12.2019.

Champions league dates: 17-18 September, 1-2 October, 22-23 October, 5-6 November, 26-27 November

  1. Squad size, substitution, Match Sheets and Match Report
    5.1. For all matches in the competition a Club can register a maximum of 18 Players
    5.2. A Club can substitute a maximum of 7 Players during the match but only with a maximum of 3 breaks.
    5.3. The Competition holder provides the participating Clubs with standard Match Sheets to fulfill and deliver to the referee 60 minutes before the match
    5.4. The Competition holder must secure that the referee informs the match information (goals, substitutions and disciplinary) 24 hours after the match at the latest
  1. Player Eligibility
    6.1. In general, a Player is eligible to play if he is eligible to play at national level
    6.2. Players must be born in the Year 1998 or later (1999, 2000 etc.).

6.3. A Club can include a maximum of 3 overage Field players and 1 overage Goalkeeper to each match in the competition

6.4. A Club can include a maximum of 2 players from outside the club to every match provided these Players either have signed for the Club in the future, are loaned out from the Club to another Club or if the relevant Club has a written agreement with another Club to loan the Player in this particular competition.

  1. Disciplinary Matters
    7.1. Yellow cards in matches is registered by the referee in a single match but an accumulated number of yellow cards for one Player cannot force suspension in the competition.
    7.2. Two yellow cards in the same match (= Red Card) only suspend the Player in the relevant match but not the following match in the competition.
    7.3. A direct red card in a match will only suspend the Player in the relevant match but not the following match in the competition.
  1. Referees

8.1. The national association from the home team appoint referee, assistant referees (and 4. Official) to all matches.
8.2. The sporting level for referees appointed must as a minimum be 2nd level in the relevant national association.

  1. Fields

9.1. In order to secure the highest quality of the matches the home Club is obliged to secure a high-quality natural grass pitch. If impossible due to weather conditions the home Club must secure a high-quality artificial turf pitch instead.


  1. Medical issues

10.1. The home Club secures that either a physiotherapist or a doctor is present during the game.

10.2. If a player from the away team gets injured and requires treatment from a hospital, the home Club is responsible for securing an ambulance or alternative responsible transport to the hospital.

  1. Communication before and during the Competition
    11.1. All Participating Clubs must announce a “Team Manager” securing that the competition holder and the involved Clubs together, can communicate with one key contact person directly with regards to all practical issues in the competition.
  1. Financial Issues
    12.1. The home Club pay for all match expenses including referee cost.

12.2. The home Club provides fruit and soft drinks at a standard level for the away team.
12.3. The away clubs pay for all their own travel- and accommodation expenses.

12.4. The home Club is obliged to help the away Club with transport arrangement from airports/hotels/stadiums to airports/hotels/stadiums. These transport costs are yet still held by the away Club.

12.5. The home Club is responsible for assuring that the match is recorded in a standard quality and that the away team gets access to the recording through a stick directly after the game

12.6. The involved clubs and/or participation National Association and League Organization agree a clearance model for all general expenses such as price awards (cup and medals for the two Clubs in the Final), streaming activities from matches or other matters with regards to planning and organizing the competition.